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The future of solar field efficiency is here.

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We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Solar Fields

Imagine a solar field entirely run by autonomous technology that monitors, protects and learns every second of the day. Autonomous Solar Fields are the workhorses that drive all aspects of a utility-scaled operation, including grid management, security, cleaning and battery storage. All connecting effortlessly and seamlessly with Atlas’ proprietary technology.

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Atlas Autonomous Solar Fields are comprised of three main foundational principles: Real-time information, A.I. machine learning and security.


Drone-enabled A.I. Autonomy allows drones to learn and make decisions based on the data received from overhead flights that monitor operations and security. Although two distinct systems and purposes the drones continually share information and learn from one another to increase productivity and safety.

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Continuous Machine Learning and Application of Knowledge allows the autonomous solar field to continuously learn and implement the best practices to increase solar production efficiency at the sites. Cloud Synced and Streamed Data allows for data collection sharing and analyses by the autonomous systems which is synced and streamed across both national and international facilities.


A different approach, using autonomous technology and A.I. machine learning and security. Fortified, Independent Security Apparatus ensures that hostile foreign powers and actors are not able to disrupt the autonomous operations of the solar field by utilizing a stand-alone network for each facility and implementing the strictest of security solutions to the changing and evolving threats to our critical infrastructure. Security, reliability and innovation are the cornerstone of the company's product and mission.

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